The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown



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Scottish politics might be dozing in its baffies in front of the fire at the moment, but there's a strong likelihood that a second independence referendum is barely a year away. As the UK continues its shambolic, incompetent stagger towards Brexit, time is running out for Scotland to launch the lifeboat.

Only independence will give Scotland the right to make its own choices about EU membership, both in the immediate future and the long term. Unionists are in a panic and desperately want to kick it into the long grass, because they know how much harder it'll be to win a Yes vote from outside the EU.

So in 2017, anticipating that another vote was just over the horizon, the British establishment came after Wings Over Scotland with a vengeance.


  •  The site's editor was arrested by the Metropolitan Police on the grounds of farcically ridiculous allegations from a lunatic who we're still under their "advice" not to identify.

    While no charges were brought and the case was eventually dropped, the accusation alone enabled the Met to confiscate every piece of computer equipment used to produce Wings - including two PCs, a laptop, four tablets, two phones and even the iPod Touch that we use for listening to Radio Scotland - and impound it for no reason for three months, leaving us to try to hold the site together for a quarter of the year with emergency replacement kit.
  • Kezia Dugdale, the then-leader of Scottish Labour, launched an extraordinary personal attack, using the pages of a tabloid newspaper and the entirety of First Minister's Questions to issue baseless smears aimed at discrediting the site and forcing us to take expensive court action not only to defend our own reputation, but that of all Yes activists from the sort of malicious slurs that the Unionist parties and media deployed throughout the first indyref.
  • And when we exclusively revealed in December that self-styled "grassroots" Unionist organisation Scotland In Union was in fact funded almost entirely by an elite cabal of Lords, Dukes, Earls and common-or-garden multi-millionaires, they sent in some very pricey lawyers, and the police again, to try to silence us.

(All on top of the usual daily death threats and abuse from Unionists, and their useful idiots on the Yes side too.)

But we're still here.

Our opponents attack Wings - and only Wings - because they fear it. None of this stuff happens to other pro-independence sites, because the Unionists aren't scared of them. Rather than opinions and hectoring, we dig up solid verifiable facts and provide indy campaigners with real ammunition that has a real effect.

And once a year we ask you to do the same for us.

Despite 2017 being a year when basically nothing happened in Scottish politics, we still managed to grow our audience to more than 300,000 unique readers every month. But we need to reach a lot more people than that to secure Scotland's future, so we've been building a warchest in order to produce, when the time comes, one million copies of a new version of our famed Wee Blue Book and put them in the hands of Scottish voters.

We're pretty close to that target, and one more shove from you, our generous readers, will get us over the line.

You know what we do by now, and you know where the rest of the money will go - the average Scottish full-time wage for me, the alarming web hosting costs of running a secure and reliable site with 300,000 readers, occasional opinion polls, fundraising commission and of course paying our esteemed cartoonist during the two or three weeks of the year when he's not on holiday.

So as ever, we'll shut up now and put our trust in you to hopefully let us do it for another year.

Wings Over Scotland

Wings Over Scotland

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